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Marketing can be confusing

Fix Your Marketing

Are you stuck with flavour-of-the-month marketing?

You know what this looks like: The sales leader or owner says you need more leads or more customers. And you need them now.

The marketing person needs to do something. But what?

What should you focus on? Advertising, SEO, Content, Direct, Social? What about that article or book you read that says that you need to focus on the latest greatest thing? What are your competitors doing? What tools do you need? What skills should you hire for? What can you afford? Bottom line - are your marketing efforts delivering measurable ROI? The reactive approach to marketing rarely works.

If you haven’t considered the full Marketing Hourglass (or funnel, waterfall, cycle, infinity loop, pipeline, etc., pick whichever term you prefer), and put the right steps and systems and processes at every step to move leads through to sales, your efforts will be scattershot. 

We’ve seen the same problems over and over again, especially with mid-sized firms like yours. The short-term, quick fix approach to marketing rarely works. And if it does, it’s probably by accident rather than by design.

Good marketing takes more than hard work, commitment and sustained efforts. It takes deep knowledge of building marketing strategies combined with practical, hands-on industry experience and insights.

You've tried other marketing firms and agencies

...but they just don't understand how to market financial professionals or financial services

And business consultants that come from the financial industry? 

...rarely know how to build marketing programs and repeatable systems for firms your size

The Good News Is...

We combine our proven marketing strategy expertise with deep financial services and financial professionals industry experience to...

1. Guide you through what works and what doesn't,

2. Help you prioritize, so that you get the highest impact for your efforts, 

3. Work with you step-by-step to implement integrated marketing programs that actually get results.

With 20+ years and over >$40M in marketing spend managed at leading financial firms, we can get you on the path to success.

We've been accountable for marketing results. We've built teams, hired agencies and vendors, and had to deliver on marketing objectives like sales leads, product & services sales, product profitability, customer profitability, and EBITDA. Yes we've also been responsible for brand awareness and familiarity, customer satisfaction, and even employee satisfaction, but at the end of the day we know that everything you're doing in marketing needs to help your bottom line. 

Fix Your Marketing

Marketing that works

As marketing advisors, we focus on delivering the specific strategies and tactics you need to grow your business, aimed at your target market and for your unique difference. Our strategy work doesn't take a “one size fits all approach” – we learn your business, we learn your target market and we work from there to build you a Marketing System that works.

At Fixyr we believe that "one-size-fits-all" marketing is the enemy, that you need Strategy before tactics, and that the best path to success is through a results-focused marketing plan built just for you.

We Help Financial Firms and Professionals Like You

If you are a

CPA or Accounting Firm (including Fractional CFO, Tax Specialist, or Cloud-based Accounting or Bookkeeping Firms), or

Provide B2B business services or B2B financial services (including Cost Reduction / Profit Optimization Consultant, Payroll & Benefits Provider, Fintech,  or Management Consultant),

and you are located anywhere in North America

then we can help you with

We'll work with you to fix your marketing

and generate a steady stream of new business

to grow your firm.

"...consummate marketing experts  who can juggle fiscal and risk realities in a professional and analytical manner."

- VP & general manager, digital ad agency

Project Management Professional
Certified Intelligence Professional
Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
We're highly recommended!
Top Digital Marketing Agency
In virtually every instance of asking for guidance, he was able to quickly analyze the best course of action...

Digital Content Manager, 

National Accounting Firm

Strategic, well-grounded and down to earth. A value creator in the truest sense.

Marketing Manager,

Financial Institution

These guys really know their stuff.  Highly recommend.


Digital Marketing Agency

Fix your marketing in a snap, with a
Fixyr marketing roadmap

How Does It Work?

Step 1. Review Your Marketing

Contact Us and We'll Review Your Marketing Needs

Step 2. Fix Your Marketing

Work with Our Experts to Build Your Own Custom Marketing Roadmap

Step 3. Grow Your Business

Follow the Roadmap and Watch Your Business Thrive!


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