01/11/21 – The Marketing Fix

The Marketing Fix

Here’s 5 articles and links that caught our attention that we’d like to share with you.

Our philosophy: In order to fix your marketing you need a combination of the right tools in your toolbox and the knowledge to know how to properly use them. Regularly reading curated marketing content for accounting firms will help you to keep your tools sharpened.


SEC Adopts New Ad Rule, Allows Client Testimonials | ThinkAdvisor

Source: www.thinkadvisor.com

FIXYRS VIEW: The SEC is now allowing client testimonials and permitting advisors to market themselves through social media and other modern means. This is a dramatic shift for how advisors market themselves in the US. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, and how it is enforced in practice.


The Winners And Losers In Fintech And Banking In 2020

Source: www.forbes.com

FIXYRS VIEW: It seems unfair to names winners AND losers in fintech for 2020. The compassionate thing to do would be to give the losers a pass because of the year we just had, but Ron Shevlin’s not one to beat around. Interesting read for those in banking and financial services.

learn abm

2021 Consulting Playbook: Adapting Your ABM Strategy to the 2021 Buyer

Source: learn.g2.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: Trust is the basis of marketing, and the future of account based management (ABM). Learn how to adapt your full revenue strategy, including ABM, Brand, and Sales to the trust economy.

Marketing Strategy: 5 successful (and 1 failed) strategic approaches to everyday marketing challenges

Source: www.marketingsherpa.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: All https://adoniamedicalclinic.co.uk/buy-dapoxetine/ 6 of the marketing case studies provide great insight into what is working – and what isn’t – for other marketers. Our favorite – check out #3 on hyper-local marketing by a non-profit consulting firm.

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Year in review & 2021 marketing predictions – Think with Google

Source: www.thinkwithgoogle.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: Google’s Official Digital Marketing Publication is always worth reading, and not just because Google is such a behemoth in the marketing and advertising space. Industry leaders share their year in review, 2021 marketing predictions, and strategy recommendations.

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