01/13/20 The Marketing Fix

The Marketing Fix

Here’s 5 articles and links that caught our attention that we’d like to share with you.

Our philosophy: In order to fix your marketing you need a combination of the right tools in your toolbox and the knowledge to know how to properly use them. Regularly reading curated marketing content for accounting, tax, and advisory firms will help you to keep your tools sharpened

The 4 Marketing Disciplines – CPA Trendlines

Source: cpatrendlines.com

How to deploy them as a framework for CPA firm practice development. By Marc Rosenberg The Rosenberg Practice Management Library

FIXYR’S VIEW – The 4 Disciplines is a great framework. 4 might be over-simplifying, we prefer the 7-Steps, but there’s many consistencies with what we recommend.

Facebook What is YOUR best bookkeeping practice

Can That Lead Afford You? | QBOchat

Source: dy.si


FIXYR’S VIEW – This is a podcast rather than an article, but if you have the time it’s well worth the listen.

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Pricing Strategy: Leveraging customer psychology to maximize average customer value – MarketingExperiments

Source: marketingexperiments.com

Flint McGlaughlin shares two key factors in pricing strategy — timing and intensity.

FIXYR’S VIEW – Many marketers struggle with setting optimal pricing. If you do, read this for great insight.


Writing For Publications To Get Consulting Clients with Yuri Kruman: Podcast #106 | Consulting Success

Source: www.consultingsuccess.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: Another podcast, this one has a great discussion on writing. Writing is one of the pillars of reputation building for professionals.

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Financial technology will transform the public accounting sector

Source: www.accountingtoday.com

The amount flagyl 500mg online order of time needed to prepare an audit or create a budget or forecast is greatly reduced with fintech, leaving staffers with the time they need to do more strategic work.

FIXYR’S VIEW: Do you anticipate and plan for technology changes? How are you streamlining your operations and freeing up time to work on high-value advisory services?


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