03/02/20 The Marketing Fix

The Marketing Fix

Here’s 5 articles and links that caught our attention that we’d like to share with you.

Our philosophy: In order to fix your marketing you need a combination of the right tools in your toolbox and the knowledge to know how to properly use them. Regularly reading curated marketing content for accounting firms will help you to keep your tools sharpened.

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81% of B2B marketers have to ‘fight hard’ for good content

Source: www.b2bmarketing.net

FIXYR’S VIEW: Marketers want good content, but are frustrated by the efforts they have to go through within their organizations to

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generate it. Sound familiar?

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How to combine your PR and Inbound Marketing strategies

Source: www.b2bml.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: PR and Inbound Marketing should no longer be considered separate from each other. You can combine them for great results.


“I need some leads” – 10 Lead Generation quick wins

Source: www.b2bml.com

FIXYR’s VIEW: Our mantra is “Strategy Before Tactics”, but if you’re looking for some quick wins on lead generation, here’s a handful of ideas to help you brainstorm.

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Why internal marketing is just as important as external marketing

Source: www.b2bmarketing.net

FIXYR’S VIEW: The bigger the organization, the greater the need for internal marketing. If you’re in a mid-size or larger organization, consider how much effort you’re putting into your internal marketing.

Marketing Department

The Role of Your Marketing Department — And What You Should Expect From It

Source: feeds.feedblitz.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: Learn how to build your marketing department to drive growth, increase profitability, and develop business leads and opportunities.

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