05/04/20 – This week’s top marketing links for financial firms

The Marketing Fix Newsletter

This week we share some more articles and links focused on how marketers at financial firms can respond to the developing economic crisis. If you’re looking for some quick feedback on how your firm can respond, feel free to reach out to us directly. In this time of crisis, we’d be happy to provide complimentary honest feedback to lend a hand wherever we can. Get started now by giving us a call at 1-877-80FIXYR (1-877-803-4997).

Our philosophy:

In order to fix your marketing you need a combination of the right tools in your toolbox and the knowledge to know how to properly use them. Regularly reading curated marketing content for financial firms will help you to keep your tools sharpened.

Discussing fees in the midst of a crisis

Source: www.accountingtoday.com

FIXYR’S VIEW – What you’re charging clients is a delicate subject even in the best of times, and the current crisis makes it even more uncomfortable. Sarah Dobek of Inovautus Consulting offers advice on how to handle this complicated topic.

Tools & Resources for COVID-19 – Google for Small Business

Source: smallbusiness.withgoogle.com

FIXYR’S VIEW – Whether or not you love Google, if you’re a small business, your online success counts on using Google’s resources to your advantage.

The show must go on!… or must it? What B2B marketing leaders think about the future of face-to-face events

Source: www.b2bmarketing.net

FIXYR’S VIEW – There will still be a place for face-to-face events, but virtual meetings and events will see dramatic growth going forward. Video conferencing and digital meetings are here to stay.

The key to marketing success in 2020? Empathy

Source: www.b2bmarketing.net

FIXYR’S VIEW – Being empathetic to your target audiene has always been a critical component of marketing success, but not showing empathy in the current environment could be a catastrophic failure for your marketing.

Knowing What to Fix Next in Your Business

Source: ducttapemarketing.com

FIXYR’S VIEW – We are strong believers in continually fixing your marketing.Where should you start? Diagnose your business to find out what’s broke, or what can be improved.