11/09/20 – The Marketing Fix

The Marketing Fix

Here’s 5 articles and links that caught our attention that we’d like to share with you.

Our philosophy: In order to fix your marketing you need a combination of the right tools in your toolbox and the knowledge to know how to properly use them. Regularly reading curated marketing content for accounting firms will help you to keep your tools sharpened.

twittercard C Report

2020 Practice Excellence Report

Source: karbonhq.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: An analysis of the strengths, weaknesses and performance of 700+ accounting firms across the globe.

A few things to consider when reading this report. 1) The source – Karbon has an interest in promoting cloud-based work management tools.

2) The study is based on self reporting from participating firms and is not a representative randomized sample across industry.

3) The conclusions drawn are based upon correlation, not causation.

That said, we do appreciate the effort they went to in putting this together. The key takeaway of understanding that there are bumps in different stages of firm growth, and that these require different approaches/focus is insightful and consistent with business studies across other industries.

How to Lead a Digital-Oriented Sales Strategy

Source: salesbenchmarkindex.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: With the immediate impact of the COVID pandemic largely behind us, organizations are slowing shifting back from the mindset of sustainability to growth. This article explores one of the hottest planning topics for 2021 – digital strategy and execution.


5 Tips on Digital Maturity and the Huble Digital Model

Source: www.hubledigital.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: If you are considering your digital marketing and sales strategy for 2021 a capability maturity model is a good framework to review your current state and your aspirations against. This article shares 5 tips on digital maturity to help you optimise.


What Is Ad Fatigue? + How to Diagnose & Cure It

Source: blog.hubspot.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: If you run any form of paid advertising it is important to understand ad fatigue. Learn what ad fatigue is, common symptoms attributed to ad fatigue, and what you can do to fix it to create higher-converting advertisements.

nurture programs

When Should I Stop Nurturing a Lead? – The Point

Source: spearmarketing.com

FIXYR’S VIEW: Lead nurture programs don’t have to be of a finite length. Read why the most successful nurture campaigns run indefinitely.

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