What are the Components of a Good Marketing Strategy Assessment?

In this article we answer the questions, What is marketing strategy assessment? When should you complete a marketing strategy assessment? and, What are the components of a marketing strategy assessment?

First off, what is a Marketing Assessment?

A marketing assessment, sometimes called a marketing audit, is a deep-dive, structured review of some or all of your existing marketing strategy, assets and activities to determine how well they are serving your business.

A marketing assessment usually begins with a high-level look at your overall results and then dives into deeper detail of individual aspects of your marketing plan. A marketing strategy assessment can encompass your entire marketing plan or can focus on individual strategies such as content marketing.

An assessment of your marketing strategy can help you to determine if it is still on track or if it needs realignment. Assessing your marketing approach can also provide insights into where you may need to shift or changes you may need to make.

When should you complete a Marketing Strategy Assessment?

Your business is dynamic. The market is changing. Technology is changing. Customer demands are changing. 

You should consider completing a marketing strategy assessment:

1. When you feel that the assumptions that were underlying your original business and marketing strategy have changed. 

2. As part of your regular planning process, usually annually. 

Some organizations may also decide to stagger their marketing strategy assessments. For example, they may review their marketing assets every two years, but their marketing technology roadmap and their customers every year. 

What are the components of a marketing strategy assessment?

At Fixyr we suggest a comprehensive review of your marketing. How extensive you need to go will depend on your circumstances and your capabilities.

The Fixyr Marketing Framework

Fixyr's Framework to Marketing for all business types

A marketing assessment should include the following components:


  1. Alignment between Business Vision, Goals, Objectives and Marketing
  2. Target Markets
  3. Competition and Positioning Relative to Competition
  4. Value Proposition
  5. Roadmaps - particularly deployment of Marketing Tech


  1. Resource Planning
  2. Agency / Vendor relationships
  3. Staff & Skills Development

Product / Service

  1. Product Roadmaps
  2. Profitability Analysis

Marketing Systems

  1. Messaging
  2. Integrated Campaigns
  3. Lead Generation
  4. Sales

Marketing Assets

  1. Website
  2. Online Presence
  3. Brochures, Collateral, Case Studies, Tools, Profiles, Sell sheets
  4. Seminar materials, Tradeshow materials
  5. Proposal templates


  1. Customer satisfaction
  2. Customer likelihood to recommend
  3. Customer LIfetime Value

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